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Tue Jun 12 11:30:20 EST 2001

One postdoctoral opportunity is currently available for a 3 years 
period in the Institut de G=E9n=E9tique et de Biologie Mol=E9culaire et 
Cellulaire (IGBMC) in Drs THISSE lab (Strasbourg, France). The 
successful candidate will be involved in the analysis of a large 
scale in situ hybridization screen intended to characterize genes 
whose expression pattern is spatially regulated during the zebrafish 
embryogenesis. - This genome project will provide the largest 
collection of cell and/or tissue specific molecular markers available 
in fish (usable for the establishment of a molecular anatomy of the 
developing zebrafish embryo, for phenotypic analyses, cloning of 
mutants=8A). Data from this screen will be released to public through 
various publications as well as by building an expression database 
(which will be hosted by ZFIN, Eugene, OR). - Genes identified in 
this screen provides starting points for a functional analysis (by 
overexpression studies and morpholino knock-down). Using data 
issued from the screen, candidate will be involved in the molecular 
dissection of early embryonic patterning. Some examples of 
studies issued from this screen can be read in : F=FCrthauer et al 
(1997) Development 124, 4253-4264, Herbomel et al (1999) 
Development 126, 3735-3745, Thisse and Thisse (1999) 
Development 126, 229-240, Thisse et al, (2000) Nature 403, 425-

The research group is located in IGBMC (director : Pf Pierre 
CHAMBON) in Strasbourg, Illkirch, in a large Institute covering the 
fields of developmental biology, transcriptional regulation, human 
genetics, structural biology. This Institute possesses all new and 
highly performant core facilities for high thoughput molecular, 
embryological techniques as well as a large zebrafish facility. 
Languages most used : English, French. The applicant will be 
helped by two well-trained technicians and his work shared with 
another post-doc fellow already there. Salary will be 1,700 =A4/ month 
- covering health insurance and retirement.  

Candidates should have interest in developmental biology. 
Applicants should send a curriculum vitae, a summary of present 
research interest, 3-5 representative publications as well as three 
letters of reference to : 

1 rue Laurent Fries, BP 163
CU de Strasbourg
67404 ILLKIRCH Cedex
(email : thisse at  

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