Anti-fungal and egg problems

Danny Jardine danny_jardine at
Fri Mar 9 10:58:11 EST 2001


I was wondering if anyone has ever had problems with fungus 
developing on their zebrafish eggs. I sterilize everything very well 
and sometimes still get fungus. Is there any chemical that I can 
add to the embryo medium to help this problem???  

My second question is regarding eggs. I have been having trouble 
lately with the eggs developing. When left undisturbed in the 
bottom of the breeding tank in normal water, they will develop fine. 
However, when I collect them and add them to embryo medium at 
28.5 degrees they have been dying. The chorion is fine, but the 
yolk sac and cells seem to merge into a big glob and turn darker in 
color?? Any suggestions???  

Thanks very much to anyone who can help me as I have searched 
all over the web and have a copy of the zebrafish handbook and 
can't seem to find an answer.  

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