Consulting Scientists Wanted

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Mon Mar 12 10:42:47 EST 2001

INGENUTIY SYSTEMS is looking for Consulting Scientists

We are a company building next-generation information 
technologies that will change the way functional genetic data will 
be used by research scientists. We need the help of research 
scientists to accomplish our goal of providing researchers with 
timely access to the knowledge they need to make better 
decisions faster.  

Qualifications: PhD or PhD students in Molecular and Cellular 
Biology, Biochemistry, Genetics or a related field (no software or 
programming expertise required)  

Responsibilities: Read and extract information from peer-reviewed 
articles in leading journals  

Benefits of being a Consulting Scientist:

 * Set your own schedule, you decide when and how much you 

 * Make money - our consultants make several hundred to several
thousand dollars per month

 * Improves your ability to quickly read and comprehend journal

 * You can work from anywhere via the Internet

 * Being a Consultant looks great on your resume or CV

 * Allows you to experience an alternative scientific career field

For more details about becoming a Consulting Scientist to go
For general information about INGENUITY SYSTEMS go to

****If you refer a friend who becomes a Consulting Scientist, we'll 
give you $100 - details at the website****  

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