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Kacy Sehmer kacysehmer at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 12 11:06:50 EST 2001

I am currently a student at the College of Lake County. I am 
competing on the college's Forensics (Speech) team. Presently, I 
am in the process of researching and writing and informative, 
public addess speech. The topic of which I have decided to 
explore is Zebrafish and their use in the lab. I have been reading 
much information off of several websites andam intrigued with 
what has been doneup to this point. However, am finding that 
this information is mainly geared towards other scientists studying 
zebrafish. Myself, a communications major am having a difficult 
time comprehending the information. I am looking towards you in 
hopes of gaining some basic knowledge about zebrafish. The 
basic answers I hope to include in my speech goes as follows...

-explain why zebrafish are ideal models for development and 
disease research
-how this research is helping humans
-what is currently being done with zebrafish
-future innovations of the zebrafish
-Advantages and disadvantages of using zebrafish in the lab

I have been reading about in-depth research being done, however, 
the problem comes because of the lack of basic understanding. 
My goal of this speech is to inform the listeners of the zebrafish, 
etc. in a simple form, keeping in mind, that the majority of the 
listeners are speech/communication majors, rather than scientists. 

This speech will also help benefit you by spreading awareness of 
the research being done with zebrafish. 

I welcome any information you may be able to supply me with. 

Thank you in advance for your help.

Kacy Sehmer
(847) 265-6824
kacysehmer at hotmail.com 

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