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Hazel Sive sive at
Mon Mar 12 18:10:40 EST 2001

Call for zebrafish papers.  Developmental Dynamics is committed 
to publishing papers relevant to the vertebrate development 
community.  In the zebrafish field, the journal has consistently 
published high quality research articles and reviews, including the 
important embryonic staging series (Kimmel et al. Dev Dyn (1995) 
203: 253-310).  Researchers are invited to submit papers to 
Developmental Dynamics for a special zebrafish edition of the 
journal to be published in November 2001. Papers should be 
submitted by June 1, 2001 for consideration.  Full papers or those 
in a Brief Communication format are welcomed. Instructions to 
authors can be found in the journal or at: 

For further information, please contact any of the following editors: 
Paul Goetinck (Editor-in-Chief) 
(paul.goetinck at, Rolf Kemler (International 
Editor) (DEVDYN at, Hazel Sive 
(sive at or Didier Stainier 
(didier_stainier at 

Note that all reviews published in Developmental Dynamics are 
available free to all at:

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