chorion problems

jumbarge at jumbarge at
Wed Mar 28 19:17:10 EST 2001

Hi, I'm Jen from the Moen's zebra fish lab in Seattle at the Fred 
Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.  

We have recently begun to experience a problem with our 20 hour 
embryos.  Their chorions are becoming very soft and then are 
sloughing off.    They are just fine when we do our initial sort. Then 
after they have been in the incubator over night, we start seeing 
problems. This has only started happening in the last month.   We 
are wondering if this is some sort of bacterial thing in which 
proteases are chewing away at the chorion? We don't know. Any 
information you can provide would be very helpful.  

Jen Stout
Moens Lab

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