Ginny Beckey vbeckey at oceanjourney.org
Fri Mar 30 13:29:46 EST 2001

Having some problems with viability after IVF....Perhaps you can 
help? IVF procedure goes fine, easily can distinguish fertile eggs.  
(These adults are healthy AB+) After IVF procedure I'm having a 
large number of mortalities over the next six hours.  The eggs get 
carefully separated out and placed in clean egg water with 
methylene blue, chorions are intact with no fungus, the pH is 
normal, the temperature is perfect but the embryos seem to die off 
at an alarming rate.  By 6-8 hours, all the embryos are little gray 
blobs in the intact chorion.  Even if I leave the dead ones overnight, 
I still see no evidence of fungus so I know that's not the problem.  
Can anyone suggest anything?  Also, is there anywhere I can go to 
find a "troubleshooting" section about IVF?  

Thanks for your help.

Ginny Beckey
Laboratory Manager
Colorado's Ocean Journey
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Denver, CO.  80211
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