anti beta-catenin

Corinne Houart corinne.houart at
Thu May 3 11:39:12 EST 2001

>From Corinne Houart - MRC Centre for Developmental 
Neurobiology, London:

Dear colleagues,

For some aspects of our study of the signalling role of the anterior 
neural border in zebrafish, we would need a good nuclear beta-
catenin antibody working on whole mount. We have tried a couple 
of them without success (high background in late epiboly 
embryos). If you have an antibody working well on whole mount 
or/and know how to get hold of one, could you please inform me by 
e-mail at corinne.houart at Thanks a lot in advance for 
your help,  

Dr Corinne Houart
MRC Centre for Developmental Neurobiology
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