Scientific and engineering calculator+grapher+unit converter (Win'9x,NT,ME,2000)

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Wed May 16 17:45:54 EST 2001,,000PUQ,.html

WiSCy99 (Windows scientific and engineering calculator for real, 
complex and matrix operation  + grapher + unit converter) is a 
comprehensive yet easy-to-use scientific calculator. Very thorough 
and nicely designed, WiSCy is well documented and has a familiar 
and attractive interface that makes it a pleasure to use. Features 
include support for color graphs, integration, trigonomic functions, a 
variety of statistics functions, a constants list that can be easily 
edited, unit conversions and editor for custom units convertor, and 
lots more. You can even build and edit lists of user variables and 
functions. All calculations are logged to a "tape" that can be saved 
as text or printed. Graph plots can be also be saved in one of three 
graphics formats.  

Features List:

      - Arithmetic and logical operators and functions
      - Common functions such as exp, ln, sqrt, sqr, bnml etc.
      - Common, trigonometric, hyperbolic complex functions
      - Trigonometric, Hyperbolic  functions
      - Numerical Integration
      - Equations can be solved
      - Special functions (Gamma, Bessel's, Si, Ci, erf, erfc, 
      - Statistic functions (Average, Standard deviation, Sum, 
        Gauss random, statistical variance, etc )
      - FOR-type loop
      - if (...) then (...) else (...) function
      - Tape of results
      - Assistant and debug: error position fixed
      - Plot f(X), Contour Plot f(X,Y), Color Shading  f(X,Y),
        real 3D-Plot f(X,Y), Derivative, Fit.
      - Print results, graphics and print preview
      - Save graphics to BMP, WMF, EMF formats
      - Matrix Operations(A+B=C, A-B=C, A*B=C, inverse(A)=C,
        Power(A,n)=C, det |A|=C[1.1], Solve A(X)=C)
      - Decimal, Hexadecimal and Binary bases
      - Fixed point, Scientific, Engineering and Sexagesimal 
notations -
      Radian and Degree modes for trigonometric functions - 
      10-12 significant digits. - Range: _(3.4E-4392 to 1.1E+4392) - 
      pre defined variables, user define variables - User define 
      - 30 user defined constants (up to 16000), search and edit file
        with constants.
      - Stack for expressions (up to 16000)
      - Stack for results (up to 16000)
      - Unit Converter
      - Custom unit convertor
      - Evaluate expressions from file
      - Simple tape calculator

Changes: Evaluate expressions from file, simple tape calculatur,
custom units convertor.

Igor Evsikov
ievsikov at

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