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joan.cerda at irta.es joan.cerda at irta.es
Thu May 31 09:58:50 EST 2001

The Institute of Research for Agriculture and Food Technology 
(IRTA, Catalonia, Spain) has recently announced a number of 
postdoctoral positions for employment in its research centres. As 
part of this offer the Aquaculture Centre-IRTA (Sant Carles de la 
Rapita, Tarragona) has nine positions to fill, as listed below:  

1.	Taxonomy, cultivation and ecotoxicology of phytoplankton, 
including the study of the toxins and their effects (1 post).  

2.	Fish Reproduction: genomics, endocrinology and broodstock 
management of aquaculture species (1 post).  

3.	Development of reproduction techniques for molluscs and 
crustaceans. Hatchery design and reproduction programmes for 
different species (2 posts).  

4.	Open culture of molluscs, including growth monitoring 
programmes in aquaculture facilities and natural environments. 
Restocking programmes (1 post).  

5.	Fish pathology. Study of specific pathologies for cultured 
species. Quarantine, prevention and prophylactic treatments. 
Vaccine efficacy and toxicity test protocols (1 post).  

6.	Shellfish and crustacean pathology, including epidemiology (1 

7.	Nutrition. Biochemistry of organisms, live and inert diets. 
Design of diets for larval stages, including new species (1 post).  

8.	Water treatment technology for aquaculture. Water chemistry, 
including recirculation and disinfection (1 post).  

The above posts are co-financed by the Ministry of Science and 
Technology through the Ramon y Cajal programme 
(http://www.mcyt.es/cajal/convocatoria/convocatoria.htm) where all 
the requirements are detailed (in Spanish). The deadline for 
applications is the 23rd June 2001.  

Further information can also be obtained from 

Dr. Dolores Furones Nozal
Director of the Aquaculture Centre-IRTA
P.O.Box 200, 43540
Sant Carles de la Rapita, Tarragona 
Tel: +34 977 744176
Email: dolors.furones at irta.es

Joan Cerd=E0, PhD
Center of Aquaculture
Ctra. Poble Nou s/n
Apartado de Correos 200
43540-Sant Carles de la R=E0pita (Tarragona)

Phone. ++34-977-745427
Fax. ++34-977-744138
E-mail: joan.cerda at irta.es

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