Breed without Disco Music!

John Bignell john at
Wed Nov 14 12:11:54 EST 2001

I would like to thank everyone who has given me tips on breeding 
my Zebra Daino, I think it final worked.  

My set up included 2  5g tanks where I separated the males from 
the females, in the breeding tank I had lost of plants (plastic) and a 
layer of marbles that covered the bottom of the tank. Last night I 
took the males and placed them in the breeding tank, turned off the 
lights. When morning came I turned the lights on and with out any 
disco music or mood lights it all seem to happen to my surprise! 
My questions now is, what's next? Should I do anything to the 
eggs? Should the temp. stay the same? As for food what should I 
look at feeding them? Should I get some Brim Shrimp or will flake 
food be good enough? As for the adult fish how long should I keep 
them in the breeding tank, after about 20-30 mins. I removed them. 
Was that long enough?  

thanks for your time


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