FW: zebra danio TB

Sarah Strauss Strauss at uwyo.edu
Fri Nov 23 17:02:27 EST 2001

We have some longfin zebra danios in our home aquarium, and a 
couple of them have died over the past month or so--they got 
lethargic, stopped eating, and eventually wasted away.  We were 
doing a websearch and found your research site.  It is the only 
place we have found any information about the possible cause, and 
it sounds like TB--is this typical for non-lab fish? if not, are there 
other possibilities, and ways of distinguishing these diseases 
without lab workups ( we don't have 5-7 fish to test). Also, the 
comment that this could be transmitted to humans is quite 
alarming, since we have already disposed of one fish without major 
precautions.  What form of TB do people get, then? Is it one which 
can be treated with an antibiotic regime (even if the fish are not 
treatable)?   How common is cross-species transmission?  Should 
we worry about the rest of our tank (largely tetras, but also a pair of 
bosemani rainbows and a couple of corys)?  

We realize that your site is meant as a resource for lab breeding 
facilities, not home hobbyists, but we weren't able to find out any 
info elsewhere, and would appreciate any help you could give us.  


Sarah Strauss

 Sarah Strauss 
 Assistant Professor
 Department of Anthropology
 University of Wyoming
 Laramie, WY  82070

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