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Hi Yamila,

The E3 medium works well.  It is made as follows:
14.61g NaCl/l
0.63 g KCl/l
2.43 g CaCl2/l
4.07 g MgSO4/l

Put in a petri dish with 50 eggs in an incubator at 28 degrees C.  
Add methylene blue at 2-4mg/l to keep the fungus and bacteria 
under control.  This works very well but should still be replaced by 
removing the old with a pipette and replacing with fresh every 
couple of days. Start feeding day 3 or 4.  

Good luck.

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Yamila Carpio Gonzales wrote:

> Hi,
> Please suggest me an embryo medium that works well.
> Thanks
> Yamila
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