problems with zebrafish embryos

triona hart triona_ at
Fri Nov 30 11:08:25 EST 2001

I am an undergraduate at Bard College.  We recently recieved a 
shipment of 100 ABC wild type zebrafish embryos from the 
Zebrafish Resource Center. We were unable to keep them alive in 
our lab despite efforts to follow directions in the ZF book.   

Embryos were recieved on Friday Nov 16 and all of them had died 6 
days later on Thursday Nov 22. They were kept at 27 degrees C. 
One third of their water was changed daily. They were fed liquifry. 
Only aged tap water (ph 7.6) was used to house them.  

Does anyone know any common mistakes made when people first 
try to keep embryos?  If you see any glaring problems with what 
we did it would be a great help for you to point them out. Thanks so 


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