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Hi Eric,

As mentioned by Bonnie Ullmann, you should look to the zebrafish 
web site at specifically and look at the Developmental 
Staging Series to see the generally accepted growth rates at 28.5 
degrees C.  A strange temperature to work at as it would not be a 
temperature zebrafish regularly encounter in the wild.  However!!!  

The size of 2.5 cm is well past the point of reaching sexual 
maturity which is typically closer to 20 mm than 25 mm and 
normally takes about 4-5 months to reach depending on water 
temperature, stocking density, feed quality, water quality etc.  

Growth rates will always tend to reasonably linear with fish growth 
generally referred to as being indeterminate and reflecting the micro 
environment rather than the age of the fish per ce.  This means that 
most fish will grow at a rate and to size determined as much by 
their immediate "circumstances" as to some predetermined, 
genetically controlled rate.  Obviously genes play a substantial role 
in this but probably less of a role than in many other animal 

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Eric Lobee wrote:

> I am interested in zebrafish breeding, and I would like to know, at
> what age they reach a size of 2,5 cm. under optimal rearing
> conditions. Furthermore, I would like to ask if someone could send
> me growth rates and e.g. a growth table of larvae, at different
> temperatures.
> Many thanks in advance,
> Kind regards, Jacqueline Geervliet

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