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Hi Johana, I've heard other folks, in my lab for instance, say they 
have a problem with liquid escaping or cytoplasm wicking up into 
the electrode diluting the solution injected. I used my labmates 
program on the electrode puller once and discovered he was pulling 
his capillaries much fatter and blunter at the tip than I was used to. 
My program has the heat raised up quite a bit higher than his, my 
electrodes are sharper than his, I get a smaller diameter hole and 
have had no problem with wicking. Hope this helps a little with your 
problem, too. bonnie  

At 3:51 PM +0100 10/18/01, Johana Kuncova wrote:
>Dear all!
>I would like to turn to those who are using capillary pressure
>microinjection technique. I am currently trying to calibrate the
>system and also to do some injections into adherent cells.
>I have noticed that the capillary, once immersed into the medium,
>where the cells are, starts leaking. Is there any way to avoid it?
>Thank you in advance for your answers,
>P.S.: I would be also interested in comments on use of the
>microinjectors, so if you happen to have one, please, pop out of the
>crowd. THX
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