Bad Luck with Zebra danio Breeding

tcbecker tcbecker at
Fri Oct 19 09:39:22 EST 2001


we always put less males than females (4 males/6 femals per 
40liter = 10 gallon tank). Try 3 females /2 males or so next time. 
Also, a 5 cm /2 inch female would probably be beyond breeding 
age. Try a fat young one (more like 2.5cm/1 inch. Feed the females 
high protein food (like daphnia) for some days before putting the 
males into the tank and leave them together for up to a week 
(some fish need 3-4 days until they "clue in").  

Good luck


John Bignell wrote:

> I set up two 5g tanks with males and females separated, after five
> days I moved the 5 males into the 4 female tank.. I did this at
> night time and covered the tank till I got up the next day. But I
> didn't notice any eggs or mating, after five hours I moved the males
> out and left my biggest female ( about 3-5cm) in the breeding tank.
> how long should I wait till I try again and should I only place one
> male back in with her or 3 males........
> Any suggestion will be of great help......the easiest egg layer is
> give me so many problems :)
> thanks for your time
> John
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