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Hello Christina

We have had a similar experience with cooper pipes.  The tap 
water supplying the flow through Quarantine room has elevated 
cooper levels so we switched to a Reverse Osmosis filter.  The 
product water is peculated through a 3 inch diameter by 7 feet tall 
pipe that is full of aragonite (CaCO3).  This is done to increase the 
buffering capacity of the R.O. water.  

Originally our buffering capacity came from Baking Soda (NaHCO3) 
but it increased salt solution pH to a level that precipitates calcium 
carbonate out of solution.  The mix also had Epsom's Salts 
(MgSo4?) but it can cause CaSO4 to precipitate in the 
concentrated salt solution so it was removed and the MgCl2 was 
increased to make up for the loss of Magnesium.  This salt formula 
is a modified/simplified marine salt formulation using only the major 

The product water is stored in a large tank and salted via a dosing 
pump to a conductivity of 1000 microS (~2 o/oo salinity) with a salt 
mix as fallows: Salt Mix: SALT        (kg) NaCl        14 MgCl2      5 
CaCl2       0.710 KCl         0.308 NaHCO3      0.750 The salt mix is 
added to a solution tank and dissolved.  Currently a complete 
batch is dissolved in a 250 gallon tank.  

I hope this helps, good luck
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><{{{>The tap water of our institute is contaminated with copper, so
>we <{{{>thought about adding salts to distilled water in order to
>keep our <{{{>(adult) zebrafish happy. The problem is that we don't
>know which <{{{>salts/ how much salt. I would like to know whether I
>could use <{{{>Hank's solution in our aquaria? <{{{> <{{{>Thanks,
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