Felisha Mitchell Fmmitche at
Wed Sep 19 09:44:09 EST 2001

I am a sophmore at Cedar Crest College in Allentown, 
Pennsylvania. I am conducting a research project in my Genetics 
class. We are trying to determine the phenotypes of the progeny of 
a cross between homozygous leopard zebra fish and homozygous 
wild-type zebra fish. We are assuming that leopard is a 
homozygous recessive trait in zebrafish based on past year 
studies. If the progeny results in a good culture, we will attempt to 
conduct a F2 cross. Hence, we are hoping to see our leopard 
phenotype reappear. Can someone please send me or suggest 
some information about these particular crossses? Also, should we 
perform a backcross to see if the store-brought fish are 
heterozygous or homozygous? Can anyone send me any 
information on how to keep counts of these fish and how to 
determine the F2's from the F1's?  

Thank you.

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