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Wed Sep 19 10:05:18 EST 2001

The American Association of Anatomists (AAA) invites you to join 
us at our new homepage -AnatomyLink -  

AAA's Web site has been completely redesigned and restructured,
enhancing not only the site's appearance and functionality, but also
its content.

Beyond the new look, AnatomyLink hopes to become your new 
connection to all things anatomical or related to anatomy, 
including: - A comprehensive "Scientific Meetings Calendar" - A 
"Career Center" where you can post openings or search for a 
position, including a special section on "Postdoctoral Postings" - 
"Resource Links" with a focus on education - Notification about 
"Funding Opportunities" - An updated "Directory of Anatomy 
Departments" with links for further detail - The "AAA Member 
Directory" with special "members only" searches by city, state, 
institution, and research interests - "Legislative & Policy Alerts" 
with full background information - A manual on "Communicating 
Effectively With Congress" - Full keyword search capability  

While most of AnatomyLink is available to the general public, 
certain features are only accessible to AAA members.  If you're 
already an AAA member, you'll soon receive instructions on how to 
log in for these extra services.  If you're not already a member or 
need to renew, you can fix that by heading right to and clicking on "Membership."  

We hope you'll use the site soon-and often.  You can even help 
keep it up-to-date by submitting items for the meetings calendar, 
job postings, and resource links.  Let us know how it's working for 
you and what else we can do to make AnatomyLink your 
connection to anatomy.  

Stephen J. Moorman, Ph.D.
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Case Western Reserve University
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