Zebrafish research-please read

Ashley Henry anhenry at cedarcrest.edu
Mon Sep 24 11:18:38 EST 2001

Hello, I'm a sophomore genetic engineering student writing to you 
from Cedar Crest College, in Allentown, Pa.  We have just begun 
doing research on zebrafish in our genetics lab, and have 
encountered some problems with our golden mutant types.  We 
have set up two tanks, one containing our wild-type fish, and the 
other with the golden mutants.  Both have been kept at the 
recommended temperature, and we have been monitoring the tanks 
pH and ammonia levels.  Inspite of this, about 3 days after placing 
our fish in the tanks, well over half of our golden population has 
died, while the wild-types have all survived.  The only unusual 
observation we had made was that the goldens seemed to eat a lot 
less than the wild-type, leading us to believe that the goldens 
possibly carried a disease with them from the store?  If the 
remaining goldens survive, would you attempt to put more in with 
them, or keep them isolated? Does this sound like a disease, or 
just poor tank conditions? And could anyone offer any tips or 
helpful treatments for keeping our new goldens alive?  Have you 
found certain mutant types to prove heartier than others in your 
own lab?  

Thank you very much, and your response will be greatly 

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