Zebrafish research Positions

Eric Valencia evalencia at mri-boston.com
Tue Sep 25 18:16:27 EST 2001

I am currently conducting a search for several research positions
within a Cambridge, MA based Biotech company developing in vivo
zebrefish based assays.  I would appreciate your help in locating
qualified candidates for the following positions:

Director of Microarray Development, Ph.D.  Establish new initiative 
designing low and high density arrays, profiling gene expression, 
PCR, high throughput screening, automated sample handling, 
robotics. Interact with corporate partners and customers.  

Molecular Biologist, Ph.D. Experience with basic molecular genetic
techniques including nucleic acid isolation, probe construction and
labelling, expression vectors, protein expression, and microarray
construction.  Bioinformatics experience a plus.

Director Cell Biology, Ph.D. Establish and manage novel whole 
animal xenotransplant activities for drug susceptibility, research, 
and tissue engineering.  Must have significant experience 
managing innovative programs.  

Cell Biologist, Ph.D. At least four years of related postdoctoral
experience in culturing, maintaining, and preserving cell lines and
primary cancer, stem, beta, and neuronal cells.  Experience should
include familiarity with antigen expression and other changes during
cell differentiation. Experience with xenotransplantion or knock-out
models a plus.  Experience supervising research associates and
technicians in a corporate setting a plus.

Toxicologist-Ph.D. Develop a family of drug toxicity assays using 
both microplate and microarray formats.  Experience performing 
toxicity assays using mice and cell lines, knowledge of FDA safety 
and toxicity testing protocols.  High throughput screening 
experience a plus.  

Apoptosis Biologist/Molecular Biologist-Ph.D. Experience with
vertebrate apoptosis cascades, including pathway identification and
methodologies for detecting apoptotic events.


Please contact me if you are interested in any of these positions, or
can help me identify people who might be.


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