IBC=92s Model Organisms for Drug Discover Conference

Prudhomme, James jprudhomme at ibcusa.com
Fri Apr 5 13:59:50 EST 2002

Conference Title:  IBC=92s Model Organisms for Drug Discovery 
Organizer: IBC Life Sciences
Conference Dates: August 8-9, 2002
Location:  Boston, MA
Venue: The Hynes Convention Center
Webs Site:  http://www.LifeSciencesInfo.com/2713/?source=3D2713-

Conference Details:

IBC=92s inaugural conference on Model Organisms for Drug Discovery 
provides not only an up-to-date look at the latest tools, but also 
case sutides of model organism applications from the end-users. 
Leading industry companies such as AstraZeneca, Bristol-Myers 
Squibb and Millennium will discuss target validation using single 
and multiple model systems.  Aventis, Ingenium Pharmaceuticals, 
Deltagen, and Bristol-Myers Squibb will present single and multiple 
models to validate targets across multiple target classes, to 
elucidate mechanisms of drug action and to develop assays for 
identifying lead compounds.  In addition, a number of model 
system platforms including C.elegans, Drosophila, mice, yeast, 
and zebrafish will be presented.  

Contact information:
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E-mail: reg at ibcusa.com

Jim Prudhomme
IBC Life Sciences

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