Obtaining mutant fish for middle school teacher genetics

Henry Tomasiewicz henryt at uwm.edu
Tue Apr 9 09:42:39 EST 2002

In late June we are going to hold a workshop on genetics for a 
group of Milwaukee area middle school teachers.  The idea is to 
use zebrafish as an experimental model for teaching genetics.  We 
would like to use zebrafish with mutations that cause obvious, 
visible phenotypes.  Ideally, we would like to obtain heterozygous 
mutant fish that exhibit the phenotype in the homozygous state.  
Viable dominant mutations and homozygous embryonic/larval 
lethal mutations would be useful, too. Due to the shortage of time 
we would need to obtain about 10 adult heterozygous mutant fish.  
The fish would be used only for educational purposes.  Over the 
coming years we would breed enough fish for use in the 
classrooms.  If anyone can provide us with adult fish with the 
mutant phenotypes that would be useful for demonstrating different 
aspects of Mendelian genetics, they can contact me.  Thanks in 
advance for any help!  

Best wishes,


Henry G. Tomasiewicz
fax 414-382-1705
UWM-Great Lakes WATER Institute
600 E. Greenfield Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53204-2944

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