immunohistochemistry with zebrafish

You-Mie Kim kimxx270 at UMN.EDU
Tue Apr 23 15:39:32 EST 2002

Hello. I'm You-Mie Kim, Post-doc in Department of Neurology of U 
of MN. Recently I am trying to do immunohistochemistry with 
zebrafish. And I am expecting that the antibodies I am using may 
be expressed in cerebellum or any neuron. Specifically I expect the 
protein to be expressed in Purkinje cells. However, I don't have any 
reference about that. So could anyone introduce a good histology 
atlas, histology book or paper and control antibodies for that? In 
mouse, calbindin is good positive control for Purkinje cells. But I 
don't know which proteins are specifically expressed in Purkinje 
cells or any other neurons. I look forward to getting a response. 
Thank you so much.  

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