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Mon Aug 12 16:56:33 EST 2002

Postdoctoral Position Available

A postdoctoral position is available in a small but dynamic 
zebrafish group in the Department of Organismal Biology at the 
University of Chicago, with funding available from March 2003.  Our 
research program focuses on how the primary body axis is 
patterned during development, and on the evolution of patterning 
mechanisms.  Ongoing projects include investigations of Hox gene 
function and evolution during hindbrain and craniofacial 
development (McClintock et al 2001, Development 128, 2471-2484; 
McClintock et al., 2002, Development 129, 2339-2354; Hunter et al 
2002, Developmental Biology 247, 367-389), and an investigation of 
how endoderm is regionalized along the anteroposterior body axis 
(Stafford and Prince, 2002 Current Biology 12, 1215-1220).  The 
Department includes two other groups studying the zebrafish, as 
well as groups working on insect, chick and mouse development, 
providing an excellent interactive environment for developmental 
biology research.  The Department also has particular strengths in 
the broader study of evolutionary developmental biology.  

The ideal applicant would have experience in both molecular 
techniques and embryology, with an interest in evolutionary 
questions.  Funding is available at minimum for one year, with the 
strong possibility of renewal.  However, the successful applicant 
will be expected to apply for fellowships.  

Please apply or make further enquiries by e-mail or telephone to:
Vicky Prince vprince at 773 834 2100

Victoria E. Prince
Organismal Biology and Anatomy
1027 E 57th Street
The University of Chicago
Chicago IL 60637
tel 773 834 2100
fax 773 702 0037

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