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Goldman, Dan neuroman at
Mon Aug 19 12:10:03 EST 2002

Two funded postdoctoral positions are available to study molecular 
mechanisms underlying CNS development and regeneration in 
zebrafish.  We are using molecular, genetic and cellular methods 
to identify these mechanisms.  Transgenic fish harboring the alpha 
1 tubulin promoter that specifically induces GFP expression during 
CNS development and regeneration are being used to identify DNA 
sequences and signaling molecules necessary for successful CNS 
development and regeneration. Projects include: 1) identification of 
genes involved in CNS development and regeneration using 
mutagenized transgenic zebrafish; 2) identification and 
characterization of alpha 1 tubulin promoter DNA sequences and 
their binding proteins that mediate gene induction during CNS 
development and regeneration; and 3) development and 
characterization of zebrafish neural cell lines for studying CNS 
development and regeneration.  Candidates should have experience 
in Developmental and Molecular Biology.  Please send a CV and 
list of references to:  

Daniel Goldman
University of Michigan
Mental Health Res. Inst. 
205 Zina Pitcher Place
Ann Arbor, MI 48109

phone: 734-936-2057
fax: 734-647-4130
email: neuroman at

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