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Pilger, John jpilger at
Tue Aug 27 10:36:12 EST 2002

Dear Z'fisher persons,

I have two questions.

First, I want to check on one of the recipes in the Zebrafish Book 
that I believe may be incorrect. It is a component of the Embryo 
Medium, Hank's Stock #2 Solution. In the book it states the 
following recipe: Hank's Stock #2 0.358 g Na2HPO4 Anhydrous 
0.60 g K2H2PO4 in 100 ml ddH2O  

I don't think that K2H2PO4 is a valid compound and wonder if this 
is meant to be either KH2PO4 or K2HPO4? (Personally, I think it 
might be the former of the two.)  

Second, the Western Blot protocol described in the Zebrafish Book 
(section 9.4) indicates using a PBDF transfer membrane. I haven't 
been able to locate this type and wonder if this might be a 
typographical error and should be PVBF?  

I hope someone can answer these questions?

Thank you in advance.

John Pilger

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