fungus in tank system

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Mon Dec 9 13:39:37 EST 2002

Hi Christina,

Try checking your biofilter function.

We recently had similar problems in one of our recirculating fish 
systems. It turned out that we had been lax in monitoring ammonia 
and nitrite, and they had crept up to fairly high levels. When we 
cleaned our biofilter and got ammonia back down to zero, the white 
fungus went away.  

If you think about it, this fungus needs some kind of nutrient 
source, and if your biofilter is working properly, there shouldn't be 
anything for the fungus to live on.  

Chi-Bin Chien

Christina Quasarano asked:

>I am having a big problem with fungus in the tanks system I use.  I
>have shut off the unoccupied tanks to avoid contamination in them.
>The problem exists in the tanks with the fish.  There is growth
>behind the plates in the back of the tank.  These plates are designed
>to keep the fish from flowing out with the water, but allow waste etc
>to flow out underneath it.  The growth does seem to focus/accumulate
>around the area at the back of the tank where the waste and dirty
>water flow under the plate. It is white in color and appears in
>siphonous clumps when observed under a dissecting microscope. I have
>heard that methylene blue can be used to eliminate the fungus.  I am
>unsure of the concentration to use and the side effects of this (both
>good and bad, other than eliminating the fungus). If anyone has any
>suggestions or ideas, they would be greatly appreciated!  thank you! 
>Sincerely, Christina Quasarano
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