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Jennifer Stout jumbarge at
Thu Dec 12 10:56:51 EST 2002

Dear Colleagues: 

As many of you have noticed, the diameter of the large-bore  
borosilicate controlled-drop Pasteur pipettes formerly available from 
 Fisher (catalog number 13-678-30) has been changed so that it is  
no longer possible to pipette zebrafish embryos in their chorions  
with these pipettes. We have arranged with a glassware  
manufacturer to make a pipette similar to the old controlled-drop  
one. This new pipette is now available through Fisher with a new  
catalog number: NC9993639. The cost is $28.60/case of 1000  

Happy pipetting, 

Jennifer Stout (jumbarge at 
Moens Lab 
Division of Basic Science 
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center 
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Seattle, WA 98109-1024 
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