formaldehyde treatment for protozoans

Mike Kacergis kacergis at
Thu Dec 19 13:57:01 EST 2002

Wondering if anyone has previous experience using a 25 ppm 
formaldehyde treatment for the control/eradication of ciliated 
protozoans? Our recirculating system is periodically plagued by 
protozoans with the impact primarily on the fry from 12 days to 30 
days post fertilization. What are the risks involved to the fish and 
the biofilter??? Will treatment result in an expected decline in 
reproduction?? Embryos are the main "product" of this facility as it 
serves three laboratories.  

Any insight or protocols would be most helpful.  Feel free to 
respond directly or through the group as others may experience 
similar problems.  

Many thanks,

Mike   <kacergis at>

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