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Dear Colleague

You may be interested in the following meeting:

The British Society for Developmental Biology announces its 
programme for the next Spring meeting, which will be held at the 
University of Warwick on 8 - 11 April 2003. The meeting topics are: 
Induction; Cell fate and differentiation; Organogenesis; Genomic 
reprogramming; Disease. As usual, there is an excellent 
international cast of speakers. Many staff, postdocs and students 
may be interested in attending the meeting, so you might like to 
sign up now! The complete speaker programme, and on-line 
registration and abstract submission forms are all available on  

The British Society for Cell Biology has a parallel meeting with the 
following topic: Genomics and Proteomics in Cell Biology, 
including scientific sessions on: Signalling and growth control; 
Cytoskeleton and cell division; Transcription and replication; Cell 
adhesion and extracellular matrix; Development and tissue 
assembly. There is also a one-day workshop on: Organelle 

In addition there will be a special lecture by Lord Sainsbury of 
Turville on 'Government support for world class bioscience in the 

BSDB speakers:
Konrad Basler (Zurich)
Helen Blau (Stanford)
Gerald Cunha (San Francisco)
Peter Currie (Edinburgh)
Caroline Dean (Norwich)
Helena Edlund (Ume=E5)
John Gurdon (Cambridge)
Nick Hastie (Edinburgh)
Andrew Jarman (Edinburgh)
Ryoichiro Kageyama (Kyoto)
Cynthia Kenyon (San Francisco)
Judith Kimble (Wisconsin)
Roger Patient (Nottingham)
Drusilla Roberts (Boston)
Liz Robertson (Boston)
Rod Scott (Bath)
Alex Shier (New York)
Benny Shilo (Israel)
Jonathan Slack (Bath)
Austin Smith (Edinburgh)
Azim Surani (Cambridge)
Andrew Wilkie (Oxford)
Jeff Williams (Dundee)
Ken Zaret (Philadelphia)

BSCB Speakers:
Julie Ahringer (Cambridge)
Oscar Aparicio (Los Angeles)
Buzz Baum (London)
Hartmut Beug (Vienna)
Julian Blow (Dundee)
Andrea Brand (Cambridge)
Chris Buckley (Birmingham)
Hans Clevers (Utrecht)
Paul Crocker (Dundee)
Michel Desjardins (Montreal)
Julian Downward (London)
Paul Dupree (Cambridge)
Peggy Farnham (Madison)
Ian Fearnley (Cambridge)
Garret Hampton (San Diego)
Paul Harkin (Belfast)
Kathryn Howell (Denver)
Steve Kay (San Diego)
John Kilmartin (Cambridge)
Victor E. Koteliansky (Boston)
Angus Lamond (Dundee)
Rick Livesey (Cambridge)
Margaret Robinson (Cambridge)
Ahna Skop (Berkeley)
Aaron Straight (Boston)
Henry Sun (New York)
Giulio Superti-Furga (Heidelberg)
Clotilde Thery (Paris)
Marc Vidal (Boston)

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