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Christina Quasarano ceq at
Mon Dec 23 12:28:07 EST 2002

Hello everyone,

It seems that my fungus problem is still around. I have been 
changin 10-15% of the water everyday and I am physically taking 
out any fungus that accumulates behind the plate with a pipet.  The 
I jave also decreased the amount of food I feed them only feed 
them a little at a time. Unfortunately there is still fungus collecting 
behind the tanks. What I am noticing now is that the eggs are 
being infected with it, and I have discovered two fish (in two 
separate tanks in the system) have had sores (1 or 2 only) on 
them.  They are white around the edges and fuzzy and red in the 
middle.  I am not sure if this is from the fungus, but it most likely 
is.  Does anyone have any idea what this fungus is.  I would like to 
try to find out to help with the remedy. Also I have had a 
suggestion to use Methyl paraben to eliminate the fungus in the 
tanks.  The person told me they use put it in the food for their flies 
and it seems to eliminate their fungus problem (which is on the 
food itself).  But Fish and flies are two different things. Has anyone 
used this before and have any suggestions for/against using it.  
Thank you all for your help!  

Happy Holidays! 
Christina Quasarano  

Christina Quasarano
Research Assistant,
Chemical Hygiene Officer 
Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology
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