Population model

Jose H. Vos jose.vos at rivm.nl
Wed Feb 6 17:31:30 EST 2002

Dear all,

For about five months now, I've been working at the National 
Institute of Public Health and Environment and am participating in a 
project assessing effects of Endocrine Disruptors on zebrafish 
using a partial life cycle test (PLC-test). At the moment I'm at the 
start of developing a population model for zebrafish. I was 
wondering if there already have been developed any population 
models for zebrafish populations and if it is possible to use such a 
model myself for the data that we are generating with our PLC-test. 
I'm interested in parameters that might have been introduced in or 
have been quantified by such a model, such as reproduction rate, 
fertilization and hatching percentages of the eggs, and maximum 
population density.  

Could anyone tip where to find available population models for
zebrafish or life cycle parameters that are generally used in
population models for zebrafish?

Many thanks in advance,

Jose H. Vos

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