Problems with Zebrafish breeding

Dallas Weaver, Ph.D. deweaver at
Mon Feb 18 10:42:26 EST 2002

1-Make a breeding trap system that you put into the tank rather 
than moving the fish.  

2- I hope you are feeding more that frozen artemia -- not a balanced
diet. If you are using non-enriched artemia, you could even have 
fatty acid problems (insufficient omega-3 fatty acids).

3-  16 months is on the back side of the reproductive curve for this

4-  Give them more that an hour to get going.


in article a4c230$hql$1 at, Corinne Renier 
at crenier at wrote on 2/12/02 1:39 PM:

> Hi,
> I've tried to cross zebrafish but without any success. My founders
> are 16 months old ( I also tried to cross young adults that are just
> 4 months with the same results). Fish are kept in a 14 h light/10 h
> dark, and are fed twice a day with frozen brine shrimp. I don't
> believe they are overfed. I set up the crosses in the late afternoon
> using breeding trap (white mouse cage with the steel mesh into a
> clear one) fill with fish water + fragment of plastic greenery. The
> whole trap being placed on a black surface. I'm very carefull when
> netting the fish to avoid any stress. The next morning I wait until
> 1h30 after the lights on to check for the breeding. What am I doing
> wrong? Does anybody has suggestions for efficient breeding
> procedure?
> Thanks,  
> Corinne

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