transfection of zebrafish fibroblast cell lines?

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Mon Feb 25 11:41:52 EST 2002


We have had reasonable luck making stable lines in Pac2 cells 
(derived from dissociated 1K cell embryos). We transfect with 
Lipofectamine 2000 from Invitrogen. Although advertised that you 
can leave the lipofection reagents on the cells overnight, our 
experience is that it will kill 90% of the cells if you do that. 8h 
seems sufficient. I think we see around 10-20% of the cells are 
transfected (no hard data on that).  


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jmurtha at wrote on 2/25/02 11:24 AM:

> Hello!  I was wondering if anyone has successfully transfected any
> of the zebrafish fibroblast cell lines that are available from ATCC,
> or any other types of zebrafish cell cultures for that matter?
> Someone told me that fibroblasts are very difficult to transfect -
> is that true?  I haven't been able to find any references on
> transfection of any of the 4 fibroblast lines available at ATCC, but
> I thought I'd ask here.  Thanks in advance for any info.
> Jill

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