Science Research Project- Regis High School

Guido, Ronald Guido at
Mon Jul 1 10:24:30 EST 2002

My name is Matthew Guido. I am a sophomore at Regis High 
School in Manhattan and will be participating in a Science 
Research Program. It will involve the selection of a topic, and 
conduct of the research and collection of data over a period of three 
years. Although some research can be conducted via internet, or at 
the school, it will likely require an external mentor, and external 
laboratory facilities.  

I am currently exploring options for mentors and organizations
interested in exploring a project of this nature. In this regard, I am
quite interested in looking at some aspect, relating to the biology
and behavior of zebra fish. I would greatly appreciate hearing from 
anyone researching Zebra Fish in the New York City area who 
would be interested in working with me on this project. Thank you 
very much for your time.

Matthew Guido
rguido at

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