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Mon Jul 15 18:54:12 EST 2002

Professional Research Assistant:

Zebrafish Molecular Genetics/Developmental Biology

A full-time position is available immediately in the Department of 
Craniofacial Biology at the University of Colorado Health Sciences 
Center in Denver to assist in research on genetics and 
developmental biology.  The successful applicant will provide 
support in the areas of molecular biology, and in zebrafish 
developmental biology technologies.  Minimal requirements are a 
bachelor's degree in molecular biology or cell biology - including a 
research component - or an equivalent combination of education 
and experience.  Previous experience in cell biology, molecular 
biology, and/or molecular genetics is highly desirable.  The 
appropriate candidate should be well-organized and self-motivated 
with the ability to work independently or as part of a team.  The 
person should have effective written and oral communication skills, 
and proficiency in computer record keeping and basic 
mathematics, and be able to serve as a lab manager in an 
interactive setting.  Salary commensurate with experience. To 
apply: send or fax resume with cover letter and a list of references 

Kristin Artinger, Ph.D.
Department of Craniofacial Biology
4200 E. 9th Ave. C286
Denver, CO 80262
Fax 303 315 3013
email: Kristin.artinger at    

The University of Colorado Health Sciences Center is committed to
equal opportunity and affirmative action 

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