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Jill jmurtha at umich.edu
Wed Jul 17 12:18:32 EST 2002

Hello!  Does anyone have any experience with using zebrafish cell 
lines?  I've been trying to get the AB.9 cells (fibroblast line from 
ATCC) going and have been having a terrible time.  They never 
reach confluency and start dying off a few days after I start them up 
immediately upon receipt.  ATCC has sent me a couple of 
replacements, but the problem is still the same.  I'm following their 
recommendations exactly, and I've spoken to their tech support a 
couple of times, but I can't figure out what is wrong.  I'd appreciate 
it if anyone who has any experience with this cell line or any other 
zfish cell lines would be willing to share their experiences and 
advice with me.  

Also, does anyone have any zebrafish cells of any kind growing 
that they would be willing to send me?  Either a frozen vial or a 
growing flask would be fine.  Of course, we would cover any 
expenses necessary, including shipping.  I would be very grateful.  


Jill M. Murtha, DVM
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University of Michigan
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