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Chi-Bin Chien chi-bin.chien at hsc.utah.edu
Mon Jul 22 10:26:23 EST 2002

Hi Jill,

I don't have any direct experience with fish cell lines, but 
corresponded several months ago with David Traver in the Zon 
laboratory. I am assuming that he won't mind if I pass on his reply 
(below). It sounds like the ZF4 line is worth trying.  

Good luck,
Chi-Bin Chien

On 23 Jan 2002 David Traver wrote:

>I have done a little bit with zf fibroblast-like lines, namely ZF4
>which was derived from embryos by Wolfgang Driever and AB9 which was
>derived from Barry Paw in our lab from adult fins.  They both grow at
>28.5, ZF4 much faster than AB9 which is more like a primary line,
>i.e. pain in the ass to grow. 
>I believe you can get both from ATCC.
>David Traver, PhD.
>Zon Laboratory

At 6:18 PM +0100 7/17/02, Jill Murtha wrote:

>Hello!  Does anyone have any experience with using zebrafish cell
>lines?  I've been trying to get the AB.9 cells (fibroblast line from
>ATCC) going and have been having a terrible time.  They never reach
>confluency and start dying off a few days after I start them up
>immediately upon receipt.  ATCC has sent me a couple of replacements,
>but the problem is still the same.  I'm following their
>recommendations exactly, and I've spoken to their tech support a
>couple of times, but I can't figure out what is wrong.  I'd
>appreciate it if anyone who has any experience with this cell line or
>any other zfish cell lines would be willing to share their
>experiences and advice with me. 
>Also, does anyone have any zebrafish cells of any kind growing
>that they would be willing to send me?  Either a frozen vial or a
>growing flask would be fine.  Of course, we would cover any expenses
>necessary, including shipping.  I would be very grateful. 
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