protein isolation from adult zebrafish tissues

Jill jmurtha at
Mon Jun 10 10:20:45 EST 2002

Hello!  I've been trying to isolate protein from adult zebrafish tissues 
(brain, liver, and muscle), but I've had some trouble getting a clear 
lysate and I'm not too confident in the quality of the samples I'm 
getting.  I've been using a protocol from Santa Cruz, but its 
assuming that the quantities of tissues being used are much larger 
than what I have, so I've had to weigh my tiny samples and scale 
the volumes of buffer and enzymes down accordingly.  And I'm not 
sure how accurate that is.  

Does anyone have a good protocol for extracting total proteins from 
adult zebrafish tissue, or from very small quantities of tissues in 

Thanks in advance,


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