Zebrafish research related job

Christian Lawrence clawrenc at fas.harvard.edu
Wed Mar 6 12:06:53 EST 2002

Research Assistant (1) Position, Department of Molecular and 
Cellular Biology, Harvard University Duties and Responsibilities:  
Primary responsibilities will include assisting in the maintenance of 
an aquaculture facility and the development of a computerized 
laboratory database. Duties will be comprised of caring for and 
raising zebrafish for daily embryo production and stock 
maintenance, daily feeding, regular aquarium cleaning, recirculating 
aquaculture system maintenance, culture of invertebrate food 
sources, as well as setting up breeding fish and collecting and 
cleaning embryos. Additional duties will include completing routine 
tasks associated with general facility upkeep.  

The candidate will also be expected to participate in ongoing 
research projects involving a medium scale mutagenesis screen.  
This would include applying embryological and histological 
techniques for the characterization of mutants, sperm freezing, and 
the reconstituting of frozen stocks via in vitro fertilization 
techniques.  The candidate will be expected to design, construct, 
and maintain a computerized database of laboratory mutations and 
their corresponding phenotypes.  

Required Education and Experience:  Bachelor's Degree in the 
biological sciences preferred, with some embryology and histology 
experience. Candidate should possess good computer skills, with 
a working knowledge of database construction and management, 
and should also have the ability to work with a variety of people. 
This position involves working flexible hours, with weekend and 
some holiday duties required.   

To apply, send a brief cover letter, resume, and the phone numbers 
and emails of three references to: 

Christian Lawrence/Salvatore Sciascia
Zebrafish Facility
The Biological Laboratories
Harvard University
Cambridge, MA 02138
Email: clawrenc at fas.harvard.edu or sjsciasc at fas.harvard.edu

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