Weight/Length Relationships and Fungus

Danny Jardine danny_jardine at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 11 13:28:13 EST 2002

Hi All,

I am just curious as to whether anyone out there knows of any 
existing literature on zebrafish weight/volume/length relationships in 
larvae less than 7 days old. I am looking at developing some 
regressions with regards to this but didn't want to if it already 
exists. I have searched and can't find anything in larvae that young. 
My other question is regarding a fungus that appears to be growing 
on the gill area is some of my 5-7 day old larvae. It seems to be 
eventually killing them. They are in embryo medium with antibiotics 
and methylene blue. Any suggestions? All hellp is greatly 


University of New Brunswick
Saint John, N.B.
Canada E2L 4L5
danny_jardine at hotmail.com


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