Vivo Research Assistant

John Rynak jtrynak at
Thu Mar 14 14:51:07 EST 2002

Vivo Research Assistant

SciGenium one of the premier Bio-Tech Consulting organizations, is
looking for a Vivo Research Assistant.


Conducting standard to complex sample collection, test article 
administration, animal husbandry, handling and restraint 
techniques, insuring accurate data collection and reporting, with 
the ability to perform basic study designs efficiently and 

Writing of complex scientific reports for presentation to Clients

Developing protocols and conducting acute, sub-acute and chronic 
studies, within various animal models. Knowledge of drug discovery 
and approval process.  

Demonstrating technical proficiency with at least 3 species (Skills 
to include restraint, blood collection, dose administration using at 
least 6 different routes, clinical observations, food consumption, 
bodyweights, intubation and anesthesia monitoring).  


2 years experience in conducting Vivo research studies with is a
Pharma environment. 

Good working knowledge of SOPs, GLPs, and SSPs. 

Education BS in Biology or Animal Studies

 Interested candidates should forward their resumes to
 jtrynak at or send to :

P.O Box 380916
Cambridge, MA 02238

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