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Postdoctoral position - Molecular Anatomy

A postdoctoral position funded by the NIH is available in Christine 
and Bernard Thisse's lab (University Louis Pasteur - IGBMC 
Strasbourg France) for a PhD (or equivalent) with experience and 
primary research interests in developmental biology and/or 
vertebrate anatomy. Successful candidate will work on the 
establishment of the "molecular anatomy" of the zebrafish embryo 
using genes identified in a large scale in situ hybridization screen 
actually performed in our laboratory. The main goal of this project is 
to identify, into a genome size screen by in situ hybridization on 
whole mount embryos, genes whose expression are regulated in 
time and space during zebrafish embryogenesis and to release 
these informations to public through the establishment of a gene 
expression pattern database (building of this resource already 
started. look at Gene expression section). The post-
doc will be in charge of the analysis, documentation of gene 
expression data generated by the technical staff (10,000 cDNAs 
analyzed so far with the identification of 2,500 expression patterns) 
as well as their integration to identify novel regulatory networks (as 
exemplified for the identification of Fgf8 synexpression group. see 
Nat. Cell Biol (2002) 4, 170-174). This anatomical work will be the 
first step toward the identification and the functional analysis of 
novel gene activities involved in the control of early embryonic 
development [For example of such studies see : Development. 
(1997) 124, 4253-4264., Development. (1999) 126, 229-240, Nature 
(2000) 403, 425-427, Development (2001) 128, 2175-2186]. The 
research group is located at the IGBMC (http://www-igbmc.u- in Strasbourg, Illkirch, in a large Institute covering the 
fields of developmental biology, transcriptional regulation, human 
genetics, structural biology. This Institute possesses all new and 
highly performant core facilities for high thoughput molecular, 
embryological techniques as well as a large zebrafish facility. 
Candidates should have interest in developmental biology and/or 
vertebrate anatomy. Applicants should send a curriculum vitae and 
a summary of present research interests by Email to : 
thisse at  

Drs Christine and Bernard Thisse
1, rue Laurent Fries
67404 Illkirch Cedex

Phone : 33 3 88 65 33 60
Fax : 33 3 88 65 32 01

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