Genetics of Bettas

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I've been focusing on pigment cell biology in bettas for quite some
time. You can check out some pictures of fin tissue at

There ARE wild splendens in Thailand. Imbellis and splendens 
should be the listed as subspecies of each other. It is thought that 
B. smaragdina crossed to imbellis/splendens produced the original 
plakat fighter and then futher fertile crossings gave us the pure 

The fighting trait is not present in wild splendens, but I can assure
you that they do exist. Please let me know if you have further
questions, I have a small fish farm dedicated to betta breeding.

Michael Pratt
Talisman Zoological Sciences, Inc.

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Hello, I was wondering if anyone is aware of any research going on
related to Betta Splendens or the Siamese fighting fish? I find it
very interesting, the fish does not occur in the wild, it is
considered domesticated.  The predecessor is Betta imbellas which
still occurs in the wild.  

If someone happens to know of anyone doing research, please let 
me know, or point me in a direction.


Michael Hirz
mjhirz at

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