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Henry Tomasiewicz henryt at
Mon May 6 15:21:08 EST 2002

Individuals attending the 5th International Meeting on Zebrafish  
Development and Genetics in Madison, Wisconsin from June 12- 
16th, 2002 are cordially invited to tour the University of Wisconsin- 
Milwaukee (UWM) Great Lakes WATER Institute and the Medical  
College of Wisconsin Bioinformatics Resource Center (BRC).  A  
limited number of openings are available for the tour.  Post- 
docs who are getting ready to enter the job market are especially  
encouraged to tour these facilities, as we will be advertising two  
faculty positions for zebrafish researchers in the fall. Graduate  
students interested in postdoctoral opportunities in developmental  
toxicology, neurodegeneration, bioinformatics and genomics are  
encouraged to visit, as there are numerous training opportunities  

The Wisconsin Aquatic Technology and Environmental Research  
(WATER) Institute "conducts research, education and outreach to  
provide a better understanding of the world's freshwater resources". 
 (Think Marine Biology lab minus the salt!).  The WATER Institute 
is  part of the University of Wisconsin System and has:  An NIEHS 
 Marine and Freshwater Biomedical Sciences Center, State of the  
Art Aquaculture Facility, Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) for  
deep underwater exploration and other facilities for the studying  
every aspect of freshwater resources.  For more information about  
the WATER Institute visit our web site at  { HYPERLINK 
} and  { HYPERLINK 

The WATER Institute, BRC and ZFIN are collaborating in the  
construction of comparative maps of the human, mouse, rat and  
zebrafish genomes.     MCW's BRC and Human Molecular  
Genetics Center (HMGC; { HYPERLINK "" 
} are using a variety  of genomic and 
molecular genetic approaches to identify genes  differentially 
expressed in cancers, in diabetic patients and during  
development.  Tour the BRC state of the art microarray and  
genomic facility. To find out more about the MCW's BRC visit our  
web site at { HYPERLINK "" 

Individuals arriving at Milwaukee's Mitchell Airport on Tuesday June 
 11th will be picked up by a shuttle and taken to their local hotel.   
Those arriving on the morning of June 12th will be taken directly by  
shuttle to the WATER Institute.   

Tentative Schedule: 
8:00 am		Continental Breakfast 
9:00 am		Tour of the WATER Institute 
11:30-12:30pm	Lunch 
12:30-2:00 pm		Informal Talks by Investigators about the  
WATER Institute and  
BRC Facility
2:00pm		Depart for tour of the MCW BRC and microarray 
2:30pm		Tour of the BRC etc 
3:30pm		Depart for Madison 
5:00pm 		Arrive in Madison 

While everyone attending the Zebrafish meeting is invited to  
tour the WATER Institute and MCW's BRC, a limited number  
of spaces are available on first-come-first-taken basis, so  
please make reservations ahead of time.  While we cannot  
provide hotel accommodations, we can provide information  
on hotels in the area. Contact Henry Tomasiewicz at  
henryt at or 414-382-1746 for more information.   
RSVP by May 25th, 2002. 

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