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Thu May 23 10:00:49 EST 2002


I am currently involved with a project for the University of Bath in
England which involves relocating the Zebra fish laboratory within
another building on campus.

We ( the architectural team ) are looking for ideas / best practice in
the design of the lab. Obviously we are liaising closely with the
Biology lab at Bath, but feel it would be useful to take advantage of
the Web and put out a call for expert users advice in this field.

Of particular interest are surface finishes, lighting, lighting controls, 
location of services ( elec./water etc. ). In the UK facilities such as 
these need Home Office approval to operate, One of the problems 
we face is that they have no specific guidelines to follow, but use a 
performance specification e.g. Walls shall be smooth and 
impervious. Which isn't giving much away :-). The thing we want to 
avoid is reinventing the wheel.  

One other point of interest to us is climate control, I believe the 
team at Bath currently run the air temp @ 23 C and the tank water 
temp @ 25 C. it would be useful from a design perspective to run 
the air at a lower temperature than this, say 20 C to minimize the 
risk of condensation in the surrounding structure. Our view is that 
any extra heating required for the tank water will be offset by the 
savings in air heating.  

Thanks in advance for any and all input

Tim Denning

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