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Janna Lacatell jerickson at
Mon Nov 4 12:19:10 EST 2002

Senior Level Scientist for Consulting Role to Model Organism 

Location:       California Area

Union Biometrica has an immediate opening for a senior scientist 
to interface between the academic & bio-pharma research 
community and our marketing & new product development 
departments.  A Ph.D. in developmental biology, genetics, or 
molecular biology and post-doc experience with small model 
organisms, (preferably C. elegans, D. melanogaster, or D. rerio), 
plus good networking/ communications skills and an interest in 
working in a business environment are all essential.   

For more details, visit our website at

Best regards;
Janna L. (Erickson) Lacatell
Marketing & Communications Director
Union Biometrica, Inc.
T: 617-591-1211 F: 617-591-8388
email:   <mailto:jerickson at> jlacatell at
internet:   <>


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