zebrafish adult gross anatomy

Rebecca Burdine burdine at saturn.med.nyu.edu
Tue Nov 19 12:00:35 EST 2002

This web site was sent to the list awhile back.  It may have 
information that could be of help.

then follow "to the atlas".


>I've been trying to find references on adult zebrafish gross anatomy,
>so that I can learn the basic structures, etc. Do any of you know of
>any sources? I've searched Yahoo far and wide, as well as the zfin
>site (which has caudal fin info). If there are none available (as I
>suspect!), can anyone recommend a way of learning adult zfish
>anatomy? Perhaps studying the anatomy of a closely related, better
>documented fish? 
>Thanks for any help you can provide.
>Todd Meyer, Ph.D.
>Florida Hospital Cancer Institute

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